pay attention to every detail

LANZZO is a brand of suitcases meant for travelers seeking
better styling and life style.

Our concept is that a product born with the theme of individualistic journey will spread all over the world through the hands of travelers and further grow day by day while travelling.

1. Handle with smooth movement

The handle is made of the materials and structures that can avoid distortion and disconnection, thus enabling smooth taking in and out.

2. Full-metal corner protector

Octagonal-shaped corner protector made of special aluminum material is so solid that it would not get dented even when hit by hammer.

3. Strong body manufactured at the factory of automobile makers

Taking advantages of know-how and machinery facilities of the automobile manufacturing plant, press work to make angled concavo-convex surface on a single metal board has been realized. Using original folding technique, the body is both solid and smooth.

4. Selected materials

Materials including high-strength carbon fiber and aluminum-magnesium alloy of the aircraft standards are selected with the emphasis on the solidness of the body, which is the core of suitcase.

5. One-click system TSA lock

One-click system TSA lock has been adopted. Placing the lock on the reverse side made possible beautiful appearance and high usability of one-click opening and closing.

6. Stable storage capacity

Since the suitcase can be upstanding on its central part, it is possible to pack things in both directions at the same time. It has two inner belts that help you tidying up inside the suitcase.

7. Fabrics resistant to water and dirt

Fabrics to prevent water and dirt are used for interior parts. It can repel water so strongly that water is never leaked even when stored inside for a long time.

8. Hinges with elegant shines

Material for hinges is hand-grinded mirror (copper alloy). The design is well balanced even in details.

9.Ultra-lightweight casters of the 360-degree free rotating

Technology of automobile manufacturers is utilized for casters, which are the most important parts together with the body. Low-pressure fabrics and Japanese-made carbon copper bearings are used as main materials and aluminum metals for wheels, enabling steadiness and smooth movement.



High-level quality officially approved by Intertek Group plc, UK inspection and certification organization

  • 01. Powerful strength

    After the continuous 32km running test on the uneven-surface machine with the luggage of 20kg inside, it was proved that there is no apparent scarring on the casters.

    After the fall test from the height of 900mm with the luggage of 20kg inside, it can keep running with both the single caster or double casters with no problem.

  • 02. Stable handle

    After being fluctuated at the speed of 20 times per minute for 500 times with the luggage of 20kg inside, it can move smoothly as usual.

    Tension test is usually conducted for 2,500 times, but this product underwent the test for 5,000 times, twice as much the usual test, proving it can still make normal movement.

  • 03. Strong body

    Corner protector using aluminum-magnesium alloy of the aircraft standard enables strong hardness so that it would not easily get dented even in shock test using hammer.

    Even after being rotated for 50 times with the luggage of 20kg inside, it got no dammage and it can still make normal movement.



Automobile manufacturer’s technology

LANZZO has an automobile manufacturer in its manufacturing background so that it can make good use of the body strength, way of winding screws, and other knowhow for suitcases.

Press work is the most essential technique in automobile manufacturing. High-performance machines are needed in press work, such as making designed concavo-convex surface on a single metal plate, because the larger the size becomes, the more easily it can have errors.

LANZZO uses this kind of machine custom-made for making suitcases.

Corner-protector made of Japanese-made high-strength aluminum-magnesium alloy plate of the highest standards in the industry using original folding technique is an important part in the smooth and strong body.

The latest technology materialized in the seamless and curvy beauty of LANZZO series will bring elegance and amenity to owners.



Danish design

All the LANZZO suitcases are designed by a group of Danish designers who work closely with the engineers.

By adopting minimal and beautiful design, characteristic of Northern Europe, into high technology, we will keep developing futuristic items that will overturn traditional concept.



Technological competence

acquired in automobile manufacturing

LANZZO employs at its production lines engineers from automobile manufacturing with extremely high standards, even comparing with the overseas standards that are providing parts to U.S. and German automobile manufactures.

The engineers are basically all graduates from engineering colleges and they are very strictly selected for the qualification, thus securing employment of excellent human resources.



Supported by precise quality control

Aluminum-magnesium alloy used for the body of high standard of durability are purchased from Japan and Italy and carbon from Japan. The two materials are both very important factors for suitcases.

In automobile plants, where security is essential, collision and other tests are often conducted in the plants. We adopted the same method for LAZZO suitcases, establishing an inspection organization within the plant. We also conduct double checks at the manufacture line for each procedure, from materials, press, and assembly, to finish. This kind of thorough quality control in detail helps producing products with high durability.